Real English conversations

REC004: Language Mining with Carsten Peters

In this episode of Real English Conversations, Lori talks to Carsten Peters of the Language Mining Company. This is the very first time Lori and Carsten ever spoke to each other, so it’s an authentic example of two people getting to know each other. A native speaker of German, Carsten is a podcaster, published author, language coach, entrepreneur, and is keenly interested in the science and practice of language learning and acquisition. He’s a great example of a successful learner of English as a foreign language. This episode presents the first part of the conversation in which you hear them getting to know each other, and then moving on to exchange their ideas about how adults and children learn languages, and the role of motivation and structure for adult language learners. The vocabulary notes for this episode focus on phrasal verbs, as well as informal words and phrases that might be difficult to understand.

REC001 – Lori burns her arm

Lori burns her arm while making a cup of tea, and can’t sleep because it hurts so much. Her mother tries to help her find a way to get through the night. The real English conversation is between Lori and her mother the following morning, discussing what they did to relieve the pain and whether or not it worked.

Real English Conversations: Don’t step in the dog doo (4 of 4)

In today’s conversation, which is part four of four, my British friend Michael and I wrap up our lengthy conversation about the pros and cons of dogs, dog ownership, and dog owners. Warning: some of the vocabulary we deal with in this episode is a bit vulgar, so if you are sensitive or easily offended I suggest you stop listening now.