Real English Conversations: Don’t step in the dog doo (4 of 4)

In today’s conversation, which is part four of four, my British friend Michael and I wrap up our lengthy conversation about the pros and cons of dogs, dog ownership, and dog owners. Warning: some of the vocabulary we deal with in this episode is a bit vulgar, so if you are sensitive or easily offended I suggest you stop listening now.

Real English Conversations: The customer is always right, right?

Hi, Lori here welcoming you to another episode of Real English Conversations at Today my British pal Michael and I compare working in an office with working at home, and talk about how difficult it can be to put up with rude treatment from nasty customers when you work in a job providing service. As usual, we end up touching upon some of the differences between British and American English vocabulary.

Real English Conversations: What was he thinking?

Michael and Lori discuss a disturbing video that Lori saw on Youtube, in which a teenage boy inserts a firework rocket into his rear end and burns himself. Sensitive listeners may find this podcast offensive, so use caution when listening.

Real English conversations: Do men prefer real or fake?

Transcript Lori here, welcoming you to another edition of Real English Conversations at Better at English dot com, the website that focuses on real English for real people. I will warn you right away: the topic of today‚Äôs conversation could be considered somewhat provocative: silicone breast implants. So you should listen further only if you […]

Real English Conversations: skill or luck?

Michael and Lori discuss the game (sport?) Rock Paper Scissors, and debate whether it involves skill or luck.

Real English Conversations: noisy neighbors

Today’s conversation is between me and my friend Michael. We discuss my annoying neighbor and his habit of playing a very irritating song at very high volume, usually on Friday and Saturday evenings. I’m pretty sure it’s a live version, too, so it’s much longer than the original, thus extending my torture.

My best guess is that he plays it to get himself in the party mood. Here in Sweden, people usually “party” at home, that is,…

Real English Conversations: Office Pranks

Lori and Michael discuss office pranks.

Real English conversations: Lori scores a year’s supply of toilet paper

Now, I’m really sticking my neck out with today’s podcast, because this informal conversation between me and Michael reveals some of my bad speaking habits. The worst offender: when I’m telling a story, I use the word “like” to introduce reported speech, a mannerism that “careful users of English” really don’t approve of. I also use some expressions that could be considered slang, such as…

Real English Conversations: annoying coworkers

Lori and Michael discuss annoying coworkers.