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Real English Conversations: The pre-Google Dark Ages

How did we ever get along without Google? Lori and Michael about how much they depend on the Internet in their daily lives. In this completely unplanned and spontaneous conversation, they use quite a few phrasal verbs. These phrasal verbs and additional idiomatic expressions are highlighted in the vocabulary notes. As always, you can find the full transcript and vocabulary notes at

Real English Conversations: TV adverts, advertisements and commercials

In today’s episode, Michael and I exchange some opinions about television, particularly with respect to commercials and advertising. In this conversation we discover some differences between British and American English vocabulary, and use some everyday phrasal verbs.

phrasal verbs: to pay over (wills and testaments)

Hello and welcome to another edition of 2-minute English, here at Better at English dot com. This post is in response to an email question from E.G. (who I think comes from Greece).

She writes, “I have a question about a phrasal verb that I read in a will. What exactly does
pay over mean and what does survivorship mean? …