Tips and tools for EFL and ESL learners: spell checking online (TT-01)

In this videocast, Lori explains how EFL and ESL learners can easily check their spelling (in multiple languages) when writing emails and other online forms of communication. There is simply no excuse for bad spelling anymore!

Better at English writing contest – win an Amazon gift certificate!

A listener recently emailed offering some constructive criticism about my voice in the Better at English podcasts. I’m always grateful for tips on how we can improve our shows, and I am quite sure that she meant to be helpful. However, because of the language she chose, her critique sounded rather harsh. If I didn’t […]

Proofread like a pro: how to catch those pesky mistakes your spell checker misses

Why is it that you only see those pesky, embarrassing typos in important pieces of writing AFTER they’ve gone to press? Like this one from one of my own archives: …he never fully recovered from the pubic humiliation of having his… I’ve never fully recovered from that particular "pubic humiliation" either. When you work with […]