Video and audio resources for learning English

Posted on August 19, 2006
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Criteria for listing a site on this page

  1. it has to provide useful content
  2. it has to load fairly quickly
  3. it has to be easy to get to the content without popups or ads
  4. I have to like it

Many of these sites use Real Media. If you think Real Player is evil, you can download Real Alternative and Media Player Classic. It is excellent!

Featured English Podcast

English learning podcast China232

Video – listen and watch

Hear native speakers having conversations on many different topics. Transcripts and quizzes provided.

Behind the News
Australian educational video webcasts from Australia’s ABC-TV. Transcripts available. Designed for children, but the topics are interesting for adults as well.

CNN Videos
The directory of available videos at CNN. So far the ads aren’t that intrusive. Lots of resources here for you to practice your listening comprehension.

CNN Video Podcasts
Video podcasts at CNN – lots of news and stories to help you practice your English listening.

BBC Video Nation
Short video clips on all kinds of topics.

BBC Comedy clips
Video clips from various BBC comedy series – laugh and learn!

BBC Film network
A collection of short films in various genres. Some of excellent quality. No exercises – just watch, listen, enjoy and learn.

Australia Network – Living English
Excellent videos, exercises and learning materials about general English – for beginning to intermediate learners.

Australia Network – The business of English
Excellent videos, exercises and learning materials about Business English – for intermediate to advanced learners

English language audio and podcasts

Some of these have video as well

Podcast directory at the British Council. Varied topics, transcripts available (PDF format). At the site you’ll also find quizzes and exercises.

Voice of America – Special English.
News and stories in Special English. Special English is English that is simplified and read slowly. Lots of great listening material here and many transcripts.

CNN Podcasts
Podcasts at CNN – lots of news and stories to help you practice your English listening.

Breaking News English
Listening, exercises, and even lesson plans for teachers. Updated fairly regularly with current news stories.

BBC World Service – Learning English Home page.
Something for everyone – videos, listening, business and general English, grammar. Many listening activities have transcripts you can download so you read along as you listen.

NPR (National Public Radio, USA)
A wide variety of news, reports and broadcasts. Best suited for upper intermediate to advanced learners.

BBC Online
The BBC Online offers several channels to listen to. Wide range of topics. There’s something for everyone here.