Lori Linstruth - Founder of Better at English

Lori Linstruth – Founder of Better at English and your host in the podcasts.

Welcome to Better at English! My mission is to help non-native speakers improve their English, one step at a time. In addition to my Real English Conversations podcast, you’ll find short lessons, listening activities, language learning tips, and other info that can help make learning English an enjoyable part of your day.

Meet your podcast host, Lori
Hi, I’m Lori the founder and content creator of Better at English, and the one who talks directly to you in the podcasts. My love affair with EFL teaching began in 1996, when I sort of fell into it while living in Indonesia. To learn more about teaching I completed the RSA CELTA at The British Institute in Jakarta, and later down the line add a B.S. in Education and an M.A. in English from Vaexjoe University in Sweden. All told, I taught EFL for about 10 years. I also worked as a translator (Swedish to English), focusing mainly on academic papers in Education and the social sciences.

I started Better at English back in 2006 when I was still working in Sweden as a corporate language instructor. I had been recording conversations between me and my boyfriend to play for my students as examples of natural conversational English (which was missing in the teaching materials I had to use at the time). The students really enjoyed them, so I decided to put them online as a podcast — just for the fun of it, really. In 2007 I quit teaching and moved to the Netherlands, where I now spend most of my time working behind the scenes in the music business. That’s right, the music business! It’s truly never too late to do a 180 and try your hand at something completely different!

If I want to achieve one thing with Better at English, it’s this: to nudge you gently outside of your comfort zone and encourage you to take action to get a little better every day. Having spent time learning 5 foreign languages (Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian) with varying degrees of success has shown me that pushing yourself to do things that challenge you is key to continual progress.

My Real English Conversations podcasts give teachers and learners of English examples of authentic conversations. I hope you’ll find them entertaining alternatives to conventional TEFL materials. To make it easier for learners at all levels, I include complete transcripts and vocabulary notes. The vocabulary notes highlight notoriously tricky language items such as idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, informal colloquial English, and technical terms.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit to Better at English and that you’ll find the materials here useful. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, I would love to hear from you!

Best wishes for your continued English language learning,