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Topics and questions for English language exchange

One of the most common problems learners of English have during language exchanges is not knowing what to talk about, especially for the first meeting. Both you and your partner are probably feeling extra nervous during that first conversation, and it can be hard to think of things to talk about. That is why it […]

Speaking English fluently: Breaking the intermediate plateau

Are you stuck at the intermediate level, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and not sure how to make progress? Are you over-complicating things, hopping from one English learning resource to the next and getting nowhere? Are you tired of not feeling fluent? Feelings like these at the intermediate stage are very common. They lead to frustration, […]

Finite verb forms in English

Why should you care about finite verb forms? Finite verb forms in English contain a lot of information. They mark number, person, tense, and mood, all of which contribute to meaning. Finite verbs are also the the part of the verb phrase that has to agree with the subject (in person and number). In the […]

Narrative tenses in conversational English – past, present, and future

Telling stories is a huge part of conversational English, so being comfortable with narrative tenses is important for English fluency. Most English lessons about narrative tenses in English focus on the following 4 tenses: Past simple Past perfect Past continuous Past perfect continuous But did you know that you can use present tenses in English […]

Just a sec! Three informal English phrases for asking people to wait a moment

If you have ever taken an English course, you probably learned the phrase “One moment, please” or “just a moment” for politely asking someone to wait for a very short period of time. Phrases using moment are useful for formal situations. But in everyday conversational English they can sound stiff and unnatural. Here are three […]

042 – Make the Most of your Motivation part 2 of 2 – Real English Conversations

Introduction Hi English learners! Lori here, your teacher from Last week I shared the first part of a cool conversation I had with Dr. BJ Fogg, all about making the most of your motivation. Today you’ll be hearing part two, the final part of this conversation. If you missed the first part, make sure […]

041 – Make the most of your motivation – a conversation with BJ Fogg (part 1 of 2)

What can you do when you’re not feeling motivated? What is the best way to use your motivation when you ARE motivated? Find out in this episode of Real English Conversations from Better at English. Lori talks to Dr. BJ Fogg about how to make the most of the motivation that you have, no matter if it’s high or low.

041-Make the Most of Your Motivation part 1 (of 2) – TRANSCRIPT

This is the transcript for Better at English podcast episode 41 – Make the Most of your Motivation, a conversation with Dr. BJ Fogg. Lori talks to psychologist BJ Fogg about how people can best leverage their motivation to be able to keep showing up and working to reach their goals. You’ll hear how to […]