009 – Real English Conversations – Chick Magnet Transcript

This is the pdf transcript for the Better at English podcast episode Chick Magnet, in the Real English Conversations series. The transcript contains everything that the speakers say in the podcast, plus extra vocabulary and language usage points. There are many ways you can use the Better at English conversation transcripts to get more benefit …

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034 Transcript: Showing up for English learning success

Transcript and vocabulary notes for LT002. Lori talks to you about one of her favorite quotes: 80% of success is showing up. You’ll learn what it means and who said it. And if you’re feeling discouraged with your English progress, you’ll learn how resolving to keep “showing up” can get you back on track with your learning.

033 Transcript: Lori burns her arm

Lori burns her arm while making a cup of tea, and can’t sleep because it hurts so much. Her mother tries to help her find a way to get through the night. The real English conversation is between Lori and her mother the following morning, discussing what they did to relieve the pain and whether or not it worked.

Real English Conversations: Weird food

Transcript for Better at English “Real English Conversations” episode about the crazy, weird food that people actually eat. Everything Lori says plus the entire conversation is transcribed for you. Vocabulary notes that explain key vocab and usage are also included.