Listening resources for advanced learners of English

When researching new content for Better at English, I come across a lot of great listening material on the net. Unfortunately, a lot of it is impossible to include in my podcast because of copyright issues. But that doesn’t stop me linking to these listening resources so that you can listen on your own.

Note that these audio files will be most suitable for upper-intermediate to advanced learners, because transcripts and vocabulary lists, and other supported learning material are usually not included.

OMG: IM Slang Is Invading Everyday English

This is an interesting article discussing how Instant Messaging (IM) slang is spreading to other contexts. It features some interview quotes with David Crystal, and interviews with native speakers on what they think about people using IM slang.

English as a Global Language

Hear David Crystal discussing his book, English as a Global Language. It’s from a few years ago, but the topic still highly relevant to many visitors here at Better at English. And David Crystal (one of my favorite authors on language) is always interesting.

Orwell on Writing: ‘Clarity Is the Remedy’

From the NPR series, You Must Read This. Hear author Lawrence Wright singing the praises of Orwell’s classic essay, “Politics and the English Language.”