You will always be able to find the link to the next upcoming live Better at English class on this page.
I sometimes go on YouTube live, or create a room in to be able to talk to Better at English listeners. I announce these times in advance. The best way to get advance notice is to sign up for my email newsletter (no spam EVER, I promise) or follow @betteratenglish on Twitter.

No classes scheduled at the moment

Previous live classes
Sunday, September 13 atThe 13.00 C.E.S.T. Check your time zone here.
You can find the live stream archive here.

7 thoughts on “Live”

    1. yes I have a question about the COVID-19, because today that is a big trouble no only on the social plan but also on economic plan and we don’t know how many time that is going to last and I would like to know what the people think.
      I am very happy to participate and share with you your first live English lesson although my level is low.
      I wish you good luck

      1. Hope you can be there! If you can understand my podcasts well enough to follow along, you should be fine! Be sure to ask questions if you don’t understand things :-) See you there!

  1. If I do remember well your first name is Lory? I want to thank ye to answer so fast! To learn a language, ye have to give time to time! Most of the time, I don’t sleep during the night; because I have mentally illness, and this is the time that I feel less anxiety, but now I’m think I am going to sleep with all my family’s pets; it could be those who live 100 percent on earth, and those who live 95 percent on earth, and 5 percent live on heaven! As ye see, I have personally disorder; but there is a team ( psy, nurse, etc ) who follows me in my sickness, now I am going to bed, and perhaps I will think about ye ( lol ).. Mike from Canada which I love so much!!!! Thanks…

  2. Muhammad javed

    I watched your videos. You are a really good English teacher. I love learning my speaking skills from you. I have subscribed to your channel and hit the bell icon as well.

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