009 – Chick Magnet – Real English Conversations


Hi, Lori here, your teacher from Betteratenglish.com. In this episode of Real English Conversations, I talk to my English friend Andy. Our conversation is about the irresistible cuteness of dogs and puppies. It turns out that if you take a cute dog or puppy for a walk in a busy place, it’s a great way to break the ice and meet new people. In fact, sometimes people exploit the power of doggie cuteness as a way to meet potential romantic partners (or so I’ve been told).
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OK, let’s get started with the conversation!

Conversation Transcript

Lori: Do you ever go to the gym?

Andy: I don’t go anymore; I used to go many years ago, but…

L: What…why don’t you go anymore?

A: Well, it’s very expensive, for one thing. And also it’s a long way to travel from where I’m living at the moment; it’s a long way to get to the gym, so I go walking with the dog and that’s my exercise.

border terrier
L: Ooooooooh, doggie! Doggie! What kind of dog is it?

A: It’s a border terrier.

L: Ooooh, is he cute?

A: Which is…Oh he is very, very cute, and he’s very friendly. And also gets me lots of attention while I’m out, because everybody wants to say hello to my dog, so…

L: I know, isn’t that funny about dogs, they’re total conversation starters

A: They’re a great way to get chicks as well!

L: Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard!

A: If you, if you have a very cute dog, then, yeah, then girls want to come over and pet your dog, and then of course you can start talking to them, so yeah, it’s a great way to meet friends.

L: Don’t you call that “chatting them up” in British English?

A: Yes, chatting somebody up is, I suppose, flirting with somebody, and um…

L: Trying to get their phone number?

A: Yes! That’s the kind of thing, yes.

L: Well I think that the ultimate weapon, you know, the ultimate chick magnet would probably be a cute little puppy.

A: Oh, oh, most definitely. For sure.

L: Because I can tell you from experience – and being a girl – that, oh, it takes all my power to resist going up to total strangers with cute little puppies and asking if I can pet the puppy. Seriously, it’s…oh my god!

A: Okay, I’m going to get rid of the … [line drops out] …then.

L: Sorry?

A: I’m gonna get rid of the dog and get a puppy instead; he’s too old now.

a sweet little old lady and her dog

L: Oh yeah, total…total chick magnet. But you’ll also be attracting a lot of little old ladies as well.

A: Pardon?

L: You’ll also be attracting a lot of little old ladies as well.

A: Oh okay, so there is a downside to it.

L: Yeah, there is a downside…unless you like little old ladies.

A: It’s not really my thing, no, no…

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